W.E. Experience in 360 Degrees

W.E. Experience in 360 Degrees

As part of its commitment to innovation, Mirvac has unveiled an augmented reality experience that will allow people to experience living at its new Wharf’s Entrance precinct before they purchase off the plan.

The augmented reality experience allows potential purchasers to experience 360 degree tours of the development’s apartments, home offices, luxury residences and communal facilities using an iPad or iPhone.

The interactive app uses an iPhone or iPad’s accelerometer, which tells the device its position in space. The device then responds by showing the user 360 degree renders of Wharf’s Entrance – inside and out – that alter depending on where the device is pointed. 

Users can point their device north to see the precinct’s stunning views and then physically turn around to see what their viewpoint would be from any angle, even looking up. 

There is also the ability to change between daytime and night time views that provide an immersive experience. 


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