Food with heart: Why social responsibility is the star ingredient at Song Cafe

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How do you combine feasting with philanthropy? Sydney’s Song Café and Song Kitchen pioneered a business model that helps build a safer world for women and children. Here’s the story behind their food with a conscience.


The YWCA NSW pioneered a ‘profit for purpose’ fundraising model with Y Hotels (Hyde Park and City South) in Sydney, allowing their not for profit businesses to maintain independence and exist as a sustainable organisations. 


200 George Street Sydney Cafe


Throughout 2016 the Hyde Park Hotel underwent extensive refurbishment and reopened its doors rebranded as Song Hotel, reflecting the empowerment and positivity associated with the international YWCA movement. Song Hotel is also home to a sophisticated licenced café/restaurant aptly named The Song Kitchen.

In June 2016, YWCA NSW also joined forces with Mirvac to open a unique café concept at Mirvac’s 200 George Street headquarters. Known as The Song Kitchen Catering, this profit for purpose café is one of the first ventures of its kind in Australia. Song Kitchen Catering provides premium catering services to Mirvac head office employees along with their guests. One hundred percent of the profits from the café go directly towards funding YWCA NSW services for women and children experiencing domestic violence. Through patronising the Song Kitchen Catering, for their lunches, and conferences, the staff at Mirvac have contributed to critical programs across the state, to end domestic violence.

Over the last two years:
1 tonne of coffee beans have been used, to make more than 70,000 coffees
22,500 delicious sandwiches have been consumed
14,000 healthy salads have been ordered
Catered for hundreds of meetings and events at Mirvac
$40k in proceeds going directly to YWCA frontline programs and services, to end domestic violence.


Mirvac were Song’s biggest advocates when an opportunity presented itself, to potentially open an additional “Song Kitchen” at ING’s new head office. In just two years, with Mirvac’s support YWCA have been able to launch two profit for purpose catering businesses to add to the YWCA portfolio, to create integral additional funding for YWCA programs and services. 

The Song Philosophy

In partnering with the YWCA, Mirvac wants to help the organisation to build a safer world for women and children. The YWCA’s goal is to end domestic violence and create a world without fear.

The stories of the women and families who find a path to a healthy, successful life supported by YWCA are living evidence that YWCAs mission is alive and their work is critical to women and children in difficult times. Programs and services range from early intervention education, to homeless assistance as well as domestic violence support services. 

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