Master Property: Learn How to Maximise Your Floor Plan

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How do I know that a floor plan will work for my life? How do I know what size and format will best suit my needs? What does a future-proof floor plan look like and how do I avoid wasting any space?

In episode three of The Mirvac Masterclass we interview design and planning experts for their advice on how to ensure you choose a floor plan that will “feel” right.  You will be surprised how many floor plans there are to choose from and we give you a checklist of common pitfalls.

We explore the importance of scale, as well as creating “zones” and ensuring your property has a sense of arrival and beautiful natural light.

We also speak with successful investors about the importance of not paying for a millimetre of wasted space – every centimetre should have a purpose. 

Our other top tip is to make sure you future-proof your floor plan. Consider what your life will look like in five, ten or twenty years. 


Watch the full episode here for a comprehensive investigation of floorplans and what you need to know.