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It’s time to kick off your work shoes, replace your coffee with a cocktail and swap your hard day’s toil for a relax at the each! Summer is here again and with it comes some well-deserved downtime.

It's not just you switching to relaxation mode. Chilled out summer vibes are having a far-reaching influence right across this season's latest design trends.

When it comes to choosing colour for a much-needed room refresh, dusty, slightly weathered tones are firmly in vogue. Relaxed palettes that are still bright are marking a departure from the ubiquitous chroma pastels that dominated in 2014.

There is also a distinct move towards toning colour up or down with the introduction of black and white and mixed metals - a simple way to 'lift' a look and add that touch of glamour.

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Colour blocking is still very on-trend. Think two-tone stenciled walls and you'll be hitting the mark. Mixing patterns, geometrics and florals with bold stripes or waves is all the go!

Just like summer, this season is calling for us to be more carefree in our combination of schemes and set trends. The same goes for sourcing furniture and accessories. Think bold, assorted and varied - printed velvets, heavy weaves and scandi designs combined with 80s mixed-metals and marble affects. Chairs are quirky and accessories are large, random and more organic in shape.

To finish the look, consider investing in a statement piece that anchors the room. This could be a quilted chair with gold swivel base or retro wallpaper that could have been your grandmother's... or even a stand-alone sculpture piece that commands the attention of the room. Options are endless - just like this summer!

Seek inspiration from all around you. Absorb ideas from social media, magazines and reality TV shows as you unwind on the couch, or lounge by the pool. Collate your favourite looks, colours, tones, themes and pieces into a mood board. Visual cues will give you confidence to be bold when putting together your new design.

Above all, just go for it! Summer is the season of adventure. Push your design boundaries by using distinctive colours or patterns that invigorate the space. What's the worst that can happen? If it doesn't work you can paint over it. What's the past that can happen? You have an interior that is inspiring, creates interest - and most of all makes you happy!

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